International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition

May 17 - 20, 2021 | Western University, London, ON, Canada

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Full Program and Abstracts can be downloaded from this link here.

ISSABC is an asynchronous event, but we know how much structure can help. Below is our recommended conference programme to make sure you get to see all the amazing talks we have planned. A few notes:

  1. All our plenary talks will be live via Zoom and will be followed by a live Q&A session. They can be accessed through the main conference portal, and will be recorded and made available afterwards - in case you miss one!
  2. All student talks will be available for the duration of the conference. Following our schedule will ensure you see them all, but you are free to watch them in whatever order suits you best. There are no live Q&A periods for student talks, but questions can be sent through the conference portal.
  3. Join our socials! You’ll notice that we have a few socials sprinkled throughout the conference programme. Bring breakfast, bring lunch, or bring an afterwork drink. These will be hosted on zoom, and will also be available through the main conference portal.
  4. Farewell party! We will be presenting our conference awards in an informal style. This is a great opportunity to network one more time with those researchers across the world!
  5. Have fun! Remember that this is a place for students to network and connect in a safe and welcoming environment. We hope that you enjoy ISSABC 2021 and we cannot wait to meet you!

Conference Program

Date Time Block Description Event Type EDT Start Time GMT Start Time
May 17th Pre-Morning Block Welcome from ISSABC Organizing Committee LIVE EVENT 9:30AM EDT 1:30PM GMT
Morning Block “Emotional and social regulation in capuchin monkeys”
Dr. Natalia de Souza Albuquerque
Institute of Psychology of the University of São Paulo, Brazil
Lunch Break!
Afternoon Block 1 Movement & Spatial Cognition Asynchronous
Afternoon Block 2 Social Cognition & Communication Asynchronous
Evening Social Join the Zoom Room and Make Connections LIVE EVENT 5:00PM EDT 9:00PM GMT
May 18th Morning Block “Dog-robot interactions - A novel approach to study social behaviour”
Dr. Judit Abdai
MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group, Hungary
Lunch Social Join the Zoom Room and Make Connections LIVE EVENT 12:00PM EDT 4:00PM GMT
Afternoon Block 1 Evolution, Selection, and Development Asynchronous
Afternoon Block 2 Fear & Aggression Asynchronous
May 19th Breakfast Social Join the Zoom Room and Make Connections LIVE EVENT 9:00AM EDT 1:30 GMT
Morning Block “Contests in Context: Causes, Costs and Correlations”
Dr. Rowan McGinley
St. Louis University, USA
Lunch Break!
Afternoon Block “Flexibility and foraging: The cognitive mechanisms of flower handling in bumblebees”
Dr. Caroline Strang
University of Texas at Austin, USA
May 20th Morning Block 1 Learning & Memory Asynchronous
Morning Block 2 Perception & Decision Making Asynchronous
Lunch Break!
Afternoon Block 1 Animal Welfare Asynchronous
Farewell Party Join the Zoom Room and Say Goodbye! LIVE EVENT 2:00PM EDT 6:00PM GMT