- 23rd Annual Conference of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness June 25 – 28, 2019, Conference by The Conference Services at Western University. Division of Housing and Ancillary Services at Western University
23rd Annual Meeting of ASSC

June 25 - June 28, 2019 | Western University, London, ON, Canada


Concurrent Talks

Time Sleep, Dreaming, and States of Consciousness Actions, Agency, and Volition Models and Tests of Consciousness and Awareness Awareness and Perception
14:00 M/EEG Evidence for Probing Environmental Information During Sleep

Malgorzata Wislowska
When is an action caused from within? Quantifying the causal chain leading to actions in simulated agents

Larissa Albantakis
Inserted Thoughts and the Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness

Rocco J. Gennaro
Examining the Extent to which Different Processes Depend on Conscious Processing Using the Liminal-Prime Paradigm

Maayan Avneon
14:20 Level of consciousness is dissociable from cortical connectivity

Jon G. Dean
Timing of intent and action consequences in applied settings

Eve Isham
Reportability does not entail Consciousness: A study of two cases

Javier Gomez-Lavin
An increased neural response to invisible targets during perceptual filling-in

Matthew Davidson
14:40 High hypnotic suggestibility is characterized by reduced functional connectivity in frontal networks

Devin Terhune
The obedient mind and the volitional brain: a neural basis of preserved sense of agency under coercion

Emilie A. Caspar
Selective process integration: a cinematic lens for visual awareness during even perception

Daniel Levin
What spatial vision research says about peripheral visual perception

Andrew Haun
15:00 Lessons from the dream body: what the sense of agency tells us about dream phenomenology

Melanie Rosen
The Readiness Potential reflects endogenicity, not uncertainty

Eoin Travers
How does introspection operate?

Adriana Renero
Touchpoints directed at 2D objects reveal sensitivity to shape-specific descriptors despite gross deficits in forced-choice shape discrimination: evidence from visual form agnosia and cortical blindness

Rob Whitwell
15:20 Aphantasia, Dreaming and Imagination

Cecily Whiteley
Motor responses inflate perceptual confidence

Marta Siedlecka
The representational division of labor in Helmholtzian brain science

Alex B Kiefer
Subcortical and Cortical Electrophysiology and fMRI in Visual Conscious Perception: Detect, Pulse, Switch and Wave Model

Sharif Kronemer
15:40 Neurochemical models of near-death experiences: a large-scale study based on the semantic similarity of written reports

Charlotte Martial
Learning action-oriented models through active inference

Anil Seth
Free Time What makes stimuli conscious? Stimulus intensity, attention, and awareness

Michael Snodgrass
Time Imagery Neural Unity in the Conscious Brain Consciousness and Affect Atypical sensory experiences
17:40 Individual differences in the influence of mental imagery on conscious perception

Nadine Dijkstra
Embodiment and the split-brain: an enactive unity

Michael Anderson
Emotional Experience and the Senses

Lorenza D'Angelo
Tripping is easier with eyes closed: negative effects of external stimuli on psychedelic state brain entropy

Pedro Mediano
18:00 Episodic and spatial memory abilities correspond to different types of visual imagery

Carina Fan
Attractors in the Conscious Brain: Dynamical Informational Structures

Javier Alejandro Galadí
Inter-subject synchronization of respiratory activity and conscious processing

Pauline Perez
Hallucinations with decreased thalamo-cortical coupling: The multimodal Ganzfeld-induced altered state of consciousness

Timo Torsten Schmidt
18:20 Free Time Moving beyond integration and differentiation in measures of neural dynamics

Pedro Mediano
Free Time Blindsight in normal observers revisited?

JD Knotts
Time Attention, Space, and Vision Awareness, Audition, and Language Consciousness, Bodily Awareness, and Cognition Disorders of Consciousness
14:00 How Exogenous Attention Alters Contrast Appearance

Lucas Huszar
Investigating awareness of linguistic structure with auditory speech entrainment

Rodika Sokoliuk
Audio ergo sum: manipulating bodily awareness through spatial cues about the own voice

Bigna Lenggenhager
Electrophysiological correlates of behavioral response to frontal transcranial direct current stimulation in disorders of consciousness

Bertrand Hermann
14:20 Characterizing a snapshot of perception under different attentional states

Michael Cohen
The contribution of beliefs to the font size effect in judgments of learning: does word frequency serve as one boundary condition?

Tian Fan
Conceptual metaphors influence cognition, but is the effect conscious?

Nick Reid
Ultrasonic Neuromodulation in Acute and Chronic Disorders of Consciousness.

Joshua Cain
14:40 Visual awareness modulates visuospatial attention

Andrew Wilson
Whole-brain neural dynamics of conscious auditory perception under informational masking

Andrew Dykstra
Pupil size signals both implicit expectations violation and explicit rule discovery in probabilistic learning

Ivan Ivanchei
Longitudinal bedside assessments of high-density EEG and behavioural awareness in disorders of consciousness

Corinne Bareham
15:00 Manipulating serial dependence of confidence judgments in consecutive trials of visual tasks

Ho Fai (Frankie) Law
The Nature of Auditory Perceptual Experience

Maria Giovanna Corrado
Non-linear effects of moderate propofol sedation in the Lempel-Ziv complexity of the EEG signal

Gonzalo Boncompte
Presence hallucination in Parkinson’s disease results from sensorimotor conflict and fronto-insular gamma disconnection

Fosco Bernasconi
15:20 An attentional asymmetry in a spatial non-conscious working memory task

Johan Eriksson
Fragile memory and overflow: A reinterpretation of claims to phenomenal sparseness

Rebecca Keller
Do we know what we are about to do? A real-time EEG study of intention awareness

Elisabeth Parés-Pujolràs
Using EEG to Detect Neural Markers of Naturalistic Stimulus Processing in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness

Geoffrey Laforge
15:40 An implicit, supramodal model of other people’s attention

Arvid Guterstam
Free Time The effect of absolute evidence magnitude on perceptual change-of-mind decisions

William Turner
The sense of self in patients with vestibular disorders: depersonalisation-derealisation and out-of-body experiences

Christophe Lopez
Time Unconscious and Conscious Perception Machines, Brains, and Machine-Brain Interfaces Models of Consciousness Sleep and States of Consciousness
16:30 Neuronal discharges in the prefrontal cortex reflect changes in conscious perception during a no report binocular rivalry paradigm

Vishal Kapoor
Shedding light on the human brain: An optical brain-computer interface for mental communication

Androu Abdalmalak
Agency as a Marker of Consciousness: An Account of Flexibility

Robert Foley
Where do our thoughts go when the mind wanders? Spatial features of sleep intrusions during wakefulness distinguish the conscious phenomenology of attentional lapses

Thomas Andrillon
16:50 Inference about absence: the special status of 'no' responses

Stephen Fleming
A direction for artificial consciousness research

Matthew Crosby
Perception and the Problem of Attribution

Craig Stanbury
When do we lose consciousness when falling asleep?

Mélanie Strauss
17:10 Highly consistent individual differences in the speed of selection for awareness

Asael Y. Sklar
The development of Agency in Human-Robot Interaction

Bruno Berberian
The Misunderstood Higher-Order Approach to Consciousness

Richard Brown
Cortical functional connectivity indexes arousal state during sleep and anesthesia

Matthew Banks
17:30 Finding the neural correlates of consciousness or neural correlates of report? A Gabor patch backward-masking study

Monika Derda
Seeing with your ears and hands. What is sensory substitution experience like?

Magdalena Reuter
Integrated Information Theory, Emergence and Causal Exclusion

Ignacio Cea
Excitatory but not inhibitory neuromodulation of the thalamus increases cortical activity and promotes wakefulness using optogenetic Fmri

Julia Sophia Crone
17:50 Veridical and consciously perceived location compete for visuomotor control

Marjan Persuh
Predicting presence from emotional experience in virtual reality

Gina Grimshaw
Accelerating Research on Consciousness

Lucia Melloni
Slow wave sleep is an altered, not a reduced, state of consciousness: resting state network functional connectivity in sleep

Evan Houldin
Time Memory and metamemory Unconscious perception Action and bodily awareness Consciousness : Models and Debates
15:40 Does metacognition suffer from multimodal, multitasking costs?

Mahiko Konishi
A new take on unconscious perception: individuating "representations by the individual" in terms of its content rather than action

Miguel Ángel Sebastián
Top-down signals of a huntsman spider on a rubber hand do not dampen subsequent bottom-up signals from inducing a rubber-hand illusion

Philippe Chouinard
Linking the stream of consciousness to the flow of neurodynamics

Randy McIntosh
16:00 A Bayesian inference model for metamemory monitoring

Xiao Hu
Unconscious learning of value in a model-based paradigm with decoded neurofeedback

Cody Cushing
Phenomenological control: response to imaginative suggestion predicts measures of mirror touch synaesthesia, vicarious pain and the rubber hand illusion

Peter Lush
Can empirical evidence move forward philosophical debates on consciousness?

Asger Kirkeby-Hinrup
16:20 The Positive Evidence Bias in Perceptual Confidence is Not Accounted for By Memory Biases or Post-Decision Evidence Accumulation

Jason Samaha
The minimal exposure duration required for facial expressions to reach perceptual awareness

Renzo Lanfranco
The expectation of visual motion drives visual responses at anticipated stimulus positions, even in the absence of physical motion

Tessel Blom
A Protocol for Comparing Theories of Consciousness

Simon Hviid Del Pin
16:40 The theater of the olfactory memory: on olfactory consciousness

Natalie Bouchard
Neural Signatures of Conscious Face Perception: Evidence from Simultaneous EEG and fMRI

Torge Dellert
Free Time Conscious time is curved: how ‘memory mass’ warps time perception as per general relativity

Lachlan Kent

ASSC 23rd Annual Meeting


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