Introduction to the International Conferences on Flood Management (ICFM)

The International Conferences on Flood Management (ICFM) stand as a distinguished global platform committed to addressing and advancing the field of flood management. For further information, visit ICFM's official website.

Organizing an international conference every three years, the ICFM has been a catalyst for collaborative efforts since its inception. You can learn from the ICFM’s historic journey:

• ICFM1 – Kassel, Germany, 2000

• ICFM2 – Beijing, China, 2002

• ICFM3 – Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2005

• ICFM4 – Toronto, Canada, 2008

• ICFM5 – Tokyo, Japan, 2011

• ICFM6 – Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014

• ICFM7 – Leeds, UK, 2017

• ICFM8 – Iowa City, USA, 2021 (held online due to COVID)

• ICFM9 – Tsukuba, Japan, 2023

The ICFM brings together experts, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers from across the globe to deliberate on contemporary challenges and innovations in flood management.


The ICFM is driven by a mission to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote sustainable solutions to mitigate the impact of floods. This mission acknowledges the escalating frequency and intensity of floods in the face of a changing climate.

Key Objectives

1. Knowledge Exchange: Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research, best practices, and lessons learned in flood management.

2. Multidisciplinary Approach: Encourage collaboration among diverse disciplines, including hydrology, engineering, environmental science, urban planning, social sciences, and policy-making.

3. Global Perspective: Address the unique challenges faced by regions worldwide, considering geographical, climatic, and socio-economic variations.

4. Innovation and Technology: Showcase and promote the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies for effective flood forecasting, early warning systems, and resilient infrastructure.

5. Community Engagement: Emphasize the importance of community involvement and stakeholder engagement in developing comprehensive flood management strategies.

The ICFM stands as a dynamic forum shaping the future of flood management by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and advocating for innovative solutions. Join us on this transformative journey.