Host a Virtual Conference or Event

Expanding Your Reach to a Whole New Audience

Engage, Educate & Connect with our Virtual Event Services

The possibilities are endless when you host your virtual event with Conference Services at Western. From the very beginning, our Conference Services team will evaluate your needs to help design your virtual event experience. From there, we will set up the platform to ensure your event matches your vision, including custom features like sponsorship packages. Our team will be on standby for support during the day of the event, and provide post-event reports to help you learn what worked for next time. Let our team handle the technical side of your virtual event so that you can focus on what matters—engaging and learning with your guests and attendees.

Virtual Events at a Glance

Person looking at windows on a screen.


Welcome attendees to your event while providing them with directions and resources. Just like in person, the lobby is the first experience your attendees will have at your event.

Blank exhibit banner on a stand

Exhibit Hall & ePosters

Whether a sponsor is providing a demonstration, or a speaker is presenting findings, you can hold effective and interactive exhibit halls or ePoster sessions.

Keynote podium with microphone

Plenary Keynote

Set the stage for your keynote speaker with viewing capacities for sessions of all sizes, and opportunities for audience participation.

Computer monitor with a video play button


Whether you're running a small workshop or a large seminar, connect all of your presenters, panelists, and attendees through a webinar.

Two mobile screens overlapping, the front one showing a speaker

Concurrent Sessions

Offer separate simultaneous streams for your event through concurrent sessions, allowing your attendees to choose the content most relevant to their interests.

One screen featuring a smaller breakout section

Breakout Rooms

Add discussion opportunities into your sessions by using breakout rooms, where attendees are matched based on interest or randomly assigned.

Computer screen showing a closed padlock

Private Meeting

Hold board meetings and other private conversations safely and securely through password and authentication features.

Circles networked to one larger circle


Between chat features during sessions and video call opportunities, your guests will be able to network and make new connections throughout your event.

Handheld game controller


Encourage your attendees to explore everything your event has to offer by offering incentives or rewards for attendance.

Services for Virtual Events & Conferences

Event Registration & Payment

Easily accept registration and payment in advance, making signing up a seamless experience for your attendees.

Virtual Event Design & Setup

Our team will plan, design and launch your virtual event to meet the experiential and technical needs of your attendees.

Technology Support

Whether it's platform testing prior to your event, or assistance on the day of, we'll provide technology support to help your event run smoothly.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Leverage paid partners and sponsors for your event with our custom designed sponsorship packages and provide additional value to your partners through quantifiable data and lead retrieval.

Evaluation Forms & Certificates

Collect feedback through event evaluation forms, and mark attendance with completion certificates for your attendees.


Gain insights into event engagement to help evaluate success, and to use when planning your next event.

Host a Hybrid Event

Expand the reach of your event world-wide by hosting a meeting with in-person and virtual components. No matter how your attendees are joining, you can broadcast, stream or record your session to open up a new realm of event possibilities.

Group of people sitting at a table, looking at a tv on the wall showing another group of people